Congratulations on receiving a grant from The Jack Brockhoff Foundation.

The Foundation has a proud history of supporting charities to support the health and wellbeing of all Victorians and we take great care and consideration in making granting decisions.

Grantee obligations

When a grant is approved, we request that each grantee completes an acquittal form, or in the case of a multi-year grant, a progress report and an acquittal form.

Please see the section on reporting for an outline of reporting requirements.

Electronic payment of grants

The Jack Brockhoff Foundation delivers grants by direct electronic payment into a nominated account with a financial institution.  Successful applicants will be asked to provide banking and account details when they are advised of the success of their application. Successful applicants will also be asked to provide a receipt online, once they have received payment.

For multi-year grants, grant payments are linked to satisfactory completion of each year’s requirements.

Keep in touch

As well as submitting progress and acquittal reports we’re very keen for you to keep in touch with updates on how your project is progressing, as well as letting us know when things are not going as planned. If there is a significant change to the project or the budget you may require an amendment to your grant, which should be discussed as soon as practicable.

Ongoing communication with our Grantees also means that we stay across what’s happening in the sector, which is important in making us better grant makers!