Children & Youth Grants Program


The aim of the Jack Brockhoff Children & Youth Grants Program is to support projects and programs that will have a positive impact on improving outcomes for children and young people, wherever they may live in Victoria, who are at risk or vulnerable. As the result of a recent strategic review of the Foundation’s grants program please note that the areas of focus in this program have changed.

The Foundation is now seeking applications in two key areas of interest:

1. Addressing Youth Homelessness  – With a focus on young people (8-25 yrs) at risk of homelessness

2. Pathways to Education, Training and Employment – With a focus on young people (8 -18 yrs) who are identified as being at risk to remain or re-engage with learning or education.

Preference is given to applications that focus on:

  • Prevention and early intervention
  • Programs or projects that have the potential or capacity to continue once the funding of the Foundation has come to an end
  • Programs that can display support from the community and that have an involvement of volunteers.

Please note that if you are intending to apply for a Children & Youth grant you must email a brief outline (no more than two paragraphs) of your proposal to

Please do not submit an application until you have received confirmation to proceed from the Executive Officer, Anita Hopkins.

Click here to download the Children & Youth Application Guidelines. For examples of successful grants please click here to view our Children & Youth case studies.

Applications are completed online and are available when the grant round is open.

Please note, if you start and save an application, use the link you receive via email to go back to that application.  Do not use the link above when re-visiting applications.


The 2019 Children and Youth Grant Round is now closed.  

The dates for the 2020 Grant Round were as follows:

Grant round opens: January 2020

Grant round closes: February 2020

Notification will be May 2020