2017 Early Career Research Grants

In 2017, The Jack Brockhoff Foundation continued providing early career support for scientific research related to health and wellbeing.  This year the Foundation was pleased to partner with The Marian and E.H. Flack Trust to support these impressive researchers.  The recipients for 2017 are listed below.

Dr Marcel Doerflinger

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

Developing a diagnostic blood test to improve clinical management of febrile children undergoing cancer treatment

($100,000 over two years)

Dr Amie Hayley

Swinburne University

Characterising the effect of methamphetamine and alcohol on driving behaviour and performance

($55,500 provided by The Marian and E.H. Flack Trust)

Dr Flora Hui

Centre for Eye Research

Reducing the time to detect short-term improvement in glaucoma after vitamin B3 supplementation

($69,500 provided by The Marian and E.H. Flack Trust)

Dr Amy Loughman

Deakin University

A novel approach to modifying the risk of Alzeimer’s disease: the gut microbiome

($120,000 over two years)

Dr Anushi Rajapaksa

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Inhaled Palivizumab- A novel delivery platform to effectively prevent and treat severe respiratory syncytial virus infections in preterm babies.

($90,000 over two years)

Dr Christina Vrahnas

St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research

Identifying mechanisms by which autophagy in osteocytes controls bone strength

($100,000 over two years)

2016 Early Career Research Grants

In 2016, The Jack Brockhoff Foundation began providing early career support for scientific research related to health and wellbeing. The first eight recipients are listed below.

Dr David AscherDr David Ascher

University of Melbourne

Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms of Complex Mutations

($100,000 over two years)

Dr Ryan CrossDr Ryan Cross

Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

Genetically engineering protective immunity for paediatric glioblastoma using adoptive cell transfer of Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells and influenza vaccination

($110,000 over two years)

Dr Samantha EmeryDr Samantha Emery

Walter & Eliza Hall Institute

Characterising lysine acetylation for urgent drug discovery in the diarrhoeal parasite, Giardia duodenalis

($116,000 over two years)

Dr Christopher LangendorfDr Christopher Langendorf

St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research

Identification of common targets in the control of energy metabolism

($100,000 over two years)

Dr Yugeesh LankadevaDr Yugeesh Lankadeva

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

Novel therapies to maintain kidney function in septic shock

($110,000 over two years)

Dr Sam MannaDr Sam Manna

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute

Synergism between Streptococcus pneumoniae and respiratory syncytial virus in paediatric respiratory disease

($100,000 over two years)

Dr Andrew RoddaDr Andrew Rodda

Monash University

Multiplexed detection of multiple myeloma-related mutations in circulating cell-free DNA


Dr Tamsyn Van RheenenDr Tamsyn Van Rheenen

University of Melbourne

Understanding cognitive variability in schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

($100,000 over two years)